Register for a new Stormpath Account

Thanks for your interest in Stormpath! As of 3/6/2017, registration on Stormpath's site was intentionally disabled in light of the announcement that the Stormpath team has joined forces with Okta. If you do not already have a Stormpath Account, you will not be able to register for a new one. 

As part of making this transition successful, our support resources are going to be dedicated to helping customers seamlessly migrate to Okta or securely export their data from Stormpath. Our engineering resources are going to be dedicated to creating fully-featured migration tools and developing new features on the Okta Developer Platform. We will not be investing in new Stormpath feature development or minor bug fixes, but will continue to invest in the stability and security of the Stormpath service.

Okta supports many of the same features that Stormpath does (and a ton more!). You can find more information in the FAQ guide that was included in the announcement post (including a feature matrix highlighting similarities between Stormpath’s functionality and Okta’s). If you’re interested in learning how to take advantage of the Okta Developer Platform, please visit

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