How do I implement Single Sign-On (SSO) between Applications in Stormpath?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is currently supported across applications backed by Stormpath. This means your users can login just once and instantly gain access to all of your applications.

SSO is available using Stormpath Hosted Login Pages - a new feature that provides and hosts all the common frontend components of user management: Registration pages, login pages, password reset functionality, and more.

In addition to making it easier to get your app off the ground, Hosted Login also enables Stormpath to share authentication across your applications. If you’re interested in getting started with SSO, Hosted Login is currently available on our Lite tier and above.

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  • We do not currently have any integrations with Single Sign-On services, but do plan to build integrations in the future. 

    If SSO integration would be helpful for you, we’d love to hear your use case in the comments or at Particularly, what SSO services do you want to see us integrate?

  • Hi - we are using StormPath for authentication in our web application. We have a customer who would like single sign on, whereas a user would sign into Salesforce, and using SSO they would not need to sign-in to our application (which is authenticated using StormPath). Salesforce supports SAML. How could this be accomplished?


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