How does Stormpath differ from OAuth and other Single Sign-On solutions?

Single Sign-On requires applications to already have advanced user management in place. Stormpath is that user management system. We additionally offer SSO between applications backed by Stormpath via our ID Site feature.

Stormpath's ID Site is a set of hosted and pre-built user interface screens that take care of common identity functions for your applications including log in, registration, and password reset. ID Site can be accessed via your own custom domain like and shared across multiple applications to create centralized authentication. It supports regular login to your Stormpath Directories, as well as Social and SAML authentication.

OAuth is a popular open protocol for authorization and authentication, but it doesn’t handle broader user management. Today, Stormpath natively supports OAuth in two of our major features: Social Login and API Key Management. You can read more our OAuth support or schedule a chat with someone on the team at

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