Why does Gmail show a warning on my password reset e-mails?

Some developers have found that Gmail labels their Account verification e-mails as potentially dangerous spam. This occurs when a Gmail address was used to sign up for Stormpath prior to 9/17/2014.

When Stormpath sends your users an e-mail, we use your e-mail address to populate the "From" field by default. When the "From" address is on a Gmail domain and the email recipient is also on Gmail, Google flags the e-mail as suspicious because it knows the e-mail didn't actually come from Gmail servers. If you sign up for Stormpath with a Gmail address, your Gmail users unfortunately may never see or may not trust their Account verification email.

**Important: Due to this issue and others like it, Stormpath no longer uses your email as the “From” address by default. This change went into effect on September 17, 2014.

This issue broadly affects a number of SaaS services and is ultimately determined by the protocols put in place by each e-mail client -- in this case, Gmail. Luckily, you have a couple options to fix the problem:

  1. Update the "From" field in your Account verification configuration. We strongly suggest using an address on a custom domain like "admin@awesomeapp.com". Functionality to change the "From" field is available on the Lite tier and up.
  2. Signup for a new Stormpath tenant with an e-mail address on a custom domain. Stormpath developer accounts are completely free forever, so you can start with a fresh tenant whenever you'd like.
  3. Contact Stormpath support - we're happy to work with you to resolve the problem!
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