How do I create a user profile in Stormpath?

Stormpath supports up to 10MB of schemaless data for each of your Accounts. You can add, update, and delete user profile information at any time using the customData resource.

User profiles in Stormpath are stored as simple JSON objects of key/value pairs and are extremely easy to work with. Here’s a sample user profile on Stormpath using customData:

  "username" : "jtrooper",
  "email" : "",
  "givenName" : "Joe",
  "middleName" : "",
  "surname" : "Stormtrooper",
  "password" : "uGhd%a8Kl!",
  "status" : "Active",
  "customData": {
    "rank": "Clone",
    "birthDate": "1977-05-25",
    "birthPlace": "Kamino",
    "favoriteDrink": "Corellian Ale",
    “gender“: “male”,
    “utcOffset“: “00:00”,
    “URL“: “”,
    “userType”: “Standard”,
    “active”: “true”,
    “address”: {
      “formatted” : “true”,
      “streetAddress” : “1110 Gorgas Ave”,
      “locality” : “San Francisco”,
      “region” : “CA”,
      “postalCode” : “94129”,
      “country” : “US”,

Support for working with custom user profiles is available in our REST API, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby SDKs:

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