Can I connect my customer's LDAP or AD servers to my Stormpath tenant?

Yes! A popular use case for our LDAP/AD integrations is to offer LDAP/AD support to *your* customers. The agents that power these integrations are lightweight and straightforward to configure, making this a painless process.

Simply help your customers configure and deploy a Stormpath agent for each of their Directory servers and continue to use Stormpath as usual.

While simple, it’s important to think through your access policies and costs before giving out any agents. Today, the Stormpath LDAP/AD agents require your valid Stormpath API key secret and ID in order to talk to your Stormpath account. This means any customers who deploy an agent will also have full access to your Stormpath account. While we are evaluating options to change this, it is something to be aware of.

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