How to develop and test with Stormpath

Supporting your Application's different runtime environments

You can leverage Stormpath's data model to support your application’s different runtime environments. To summarize, there are a few different approaches:

Approach Considerations Applicable Plans
Separate Applications and Directories for each environment, all in one tenant Additional cost per application on the Community API plans; Free for Enterprise and Private Deployment plans All
A tenant on the public API for each environment, including Production A good option for users who want data even further partitioned but are not interested in an Enterprise or Private Deployment option All
One enterprise tenant for prod and a tenant on the Community API for other environments Optimal as this molds well with Stormpath's product release cycle. Stormpath Enterprise and Private Deployment environments are one release behind Community API to provide a buffer for additional testing. Enterprise and Private Deployment
Load Testing Guidance
Cloud systems are designed to scale with natural traffic instead of artificial "spike" traffic. As such, if you are conducting performance testing, follow these guidelines:
Increase the load at a rate of no more than 50 percent every five minutes. 
Use email aliases -- not fake email addresses -- to test workflows.
Using fake email addresses for testing can affect sender reputation and email deliverability. Use real email addresses appended with "+" and additional text before the domain:
  • e.g. real email: ---> testing email:
In this manner, you can create an unlimited number of email aliases without affecting deliverability.
Talk to us about load testing
We strongly discourage load testing against our Community API without first talking to us about your intentions. Since the Community API is a shared environment with thousands of users, we want to protect them from latency issues, potential outages, and security threats. Uncoordinated load testing can look very similar to a DDoS attack. If Stormpath is not aware of your load testing plans and if it triggers our alerting and monitoring systems, we may have to throttle or disable your tenant temporarily. We will also need to temporarily disable your tenant if your traffic negatively impacts other customers. 
Email to give us a heads up and we'll provide additional guidance.

Testing your connection to Stormpath

You can test the connection to the Stormpath API using curl, httpie, or a web browser. Check out our Quickstart Guide for more information.


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