How do I use ID Site (Hosted Login) for SSO?

Stormpath ID Site is a set of hosted and pre-built user interface screens that take care of common identity functions for your applications — log in, registration, and password reset. ID Site can be accessed via your own custom domain like and shared across multiple applications to create centralized authentication. It supports regular login to your Stormpath Directories, as well as Social and SAML login.

One of the areas where ID Site really shines is if you have multiple applications that need to support single sign-on. All you need to do is to ensure that all your Applications have the same Directory mapped as an Account Store, and any time a user in that Directory logs in to one Application via ID Site, they will be able be authenticated for all other Applications.

Here is a quick overview of how ID Site interacts with your application and the Stormpath SDK of your choice. If you're not yet familiar with ID Site, read our Product Documentation about Using ID Site, or you can jump right to the chapter on ID Site & SSO

You can also see ID Site in action in our Imperial Xchange demo site.




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