Getting Started with SAML

Integrate with Popular SAML Identity Providers in Minutes.

Applications that use Stormpath for user management can use popular identity providers (IdPs) for Single Sign-On (SSO) capability. In other words, Stormpath-backed apps are now SAML service providers that work with SAML services like OneLogin, Okta, Salesforce or any other SAML IdP, including home-grown and open source options. 

B2B applications that require multi-tenancy or have customers using different IdPs will save a great deal of time (and frustration) with this feature. User-initiated Single Sign-On also lets you build applications that provide a seamless end-user experience.

SP-Initiated Login Flows or IdP-Initiated Flows

Stormpath SAML support provides flexibility in the point of entry for authentication. End users can access the IdP portal first and then be automatically authenticated for the Stormpath-backed application. Or they can enter through the Stormpath-backed application and automatically be authenticated for all the apps attached to the IdP as well.

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