Getting Started: Node

What is the Node SDK?

Stormpath's Node SDK is a wrapper for the Stormpath REST API. It is a collection of methods that allow you to create, modify, and update resources in the REST API, without having to manually make HTTP calls from your own code. 

This SDK is a low-level tool for working with the Stormpath REST API. It won't necessarily help you understand all the authentication and authorization features that Stormpath provides. If you are just getting started with your application and you would like some high-level guidance on how to think about authentication and authorization in your application, we recommend the Stormpath Product Guide.

When should I use the Node SDK? 

You should use the Node SDK when you need to work directly with the Stormpath REST API, but you don't want to manually construct the necessary HTTP requests. Some example cases are:

  • I need to get a list of all the accounts in my Stormpath Tenant.

  • I need to manually create accounts in a Directory.

  • I need to create a mapping between an Application and an Account Store.

What is the Express Integration? 

Stormpath's Express integration is a library built on top of the Node SDK. Stormpath is designed for full-stack applications, so we provide higher-level libraries for the server and the browser.

If you're using our Express integration, you'll want to install express-stormpath in your server. That library will attach endpoints that can be used by your front-end for authentication and authorization. On the front-end you will want to use one of our front-end libraries to complete the integration:

Alternatively, you can use Stormpath without any front-end libraries.

Do you have other Integrations available? 

We currently only have one integration available for Javascript users, and that is our Express Library. We plan to add more libraries soon (such as HapiJS), and we also plan to add more front-end libraries! 



We're here to help if you get stuck! There are several ways that you an get in touch with a member of our team:

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