Enabling Password Reset on a Custom Domain

Question: I want my users to be taken to my custom domain to reset their passwords. By default, they are taken to 'https://api.stormpath.com/passwordReset.' How can I change this?

Answer: By default, the Link Base URL for the password reset email verification flow is 'https://api.stormpath.com/passwordReset.' This is the link that your end users will be sent to in order to reset their passwords. 

If you're using one of our integrations, you can change this behavior in two easy steps:

  1. Click on the 'Directories' tab in the Admin Console and click on your Directory. Under the Password Reset email workflow, make sure the status is set to 'Enabled.' Next, Change the Link Base URL to 'https://your-site.com/change.' 
  2. The '/change' route is available out of the box in most of our integrations. Depending on the integration, it may need to be enabled before you can use it. 

Click on your integration below to find out how to enable password reset locally! 

Express: https://docs.stormpath.com/nodejs/express/latest/password_reset.html#customizing-the-ux

Java Servlet Plugin: https://docs.stormpath.com/java/servlet-plugin/forgot-password.html

Shiro Servlet Plugin: https://docs.stormpath.com/java/shiro-servlet-plugin/forgot-password.html

SpringBoot Starter: https://docs.stormpath.com/java/spring-boot-web/forgot-password.html

Laravel: https://docs.stormpath.com/php/laravel/latest/password_reset.html

Lumen: https://docs.stormpath.com/php/lumen/latest/password_reset.html

ASP.NET 4.5+: https://docs.stormpath.com/dotnet/aspnet/latest/password_reset.html

ASP.NET Core: https://docs.stormpath.com/dotnet/aspnetcore/latest/password_reset.html

Flask: https://flask-stormpath.readthedocs.io/en/latest/product.html#use-password-reset

Django: Unavailable

NOTE: If you're using one of our SDK's, you will need to manually construct the '/change' route. Detailed instructions are available in the Product Guides for each SDK. Make sure you select the SDK you're using to get the most useful information, and feel free to email support@stormpath.com if you have any questions. 

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